The future is here with Blockchain and ADMX

With the innovation of future projects with our ADMX token, all services will be 100% payable with the token. Our first VPN service will be payable in ADMX only. Check Roadmap
More about our Token & Mission

More about our Token & Mission

Our token seeks to enforce a valuation by the passage of time and with the decentralization of the exchangers platforms, a novelty of our token is that the projects pre seen by AdmediaTex is that all services are payable only in ADMX. With this we will give a great reserve and without a doubt the valuation of our tokens and the holders will be able to be calm.
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Read Our Whitepaper

Our whitepaper contains a detailed explanation of our objective and mission with brief details about the projects that are being carried out over time and the actions whose value is decentralized in the Blockchain field. It is very important to keep in mind that the objectives can have radical changes depending on the situations presented in the mentioned times. Download

Our Roadmap

The status of our Mission and Objectives achieved. Some services mentioned here may be reflected on our website.
  • 2021 2Q
    Creation and foundation of the Token
  • 2021 2Q
    Marketing and Token Propagation
  • 2021 2Q
    Token Listing at Exchangers
  • 2021 2Q
    Trust Wallet Adoption

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Frequently Asked Quesions

A questionnaire on some frequently asked questions about our ADMX Token.

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Fundraising Goal

We guarantee 80% of the public tokens, the other 20% in reserve with 10% for the entire Admediatex Token support team and the other percentage is reserved for suggested payments to customers.

Total Supply public

800.000.000 ADMX